“The theme of Buggles’ song Video Killed the Radio Star was the promotion of technology while worrying about its effects. This song relates to concerns about mixed attitudes towards 20th-century inventions and machines for the media arts.” [mostly Wikipedia]


Facebook killed my website.

In 2008 I published the book, Modern Living, The Graphic Universe of Han Hoogerbrugge, about my activities since 1998, when I discovered the Internet as a perfect medium for my art. Or should I say: a medium that inspired me to create the art that has become my trademark?

In retrospect, I realise that the Modern Living book marked the end of an era. Since 1998 the Internet has changed from a mass medium swarming with individuals eager to explore the possibilities of creating amazing personal websites into a mass medium where individuals share their opinions, photos, music, etc., on the predesigned websites we now know as social media.

In the early days I received e-mails from all over the world, on a daily basis, in response to my website. The most remarkable e-mails were printed throughout the Modern Living book. Since most of the messages were very friendly and positive, I regarded e-mail as a cool tool to boost my ego.

Last year I only received two e-mail responses to my website: one from Mr. Bengali, a former minister from Ghana, who kindly wanted to share a large sum of money, and the other concerned a pill of some sort.

I joined Facebook in the same year that the Modern Living book came out (1 July 2008). I signed up out of curiosity, as I had done previously with Friendster, Myspace, Hyves, and many others. I never intended to actually use these sites, I never thought they were something for me – I just wanted to see what they were all about. Although, at first, I didn't publish anything on my Facebook page, friendship requests kept arriving.

In 2008 I started the Prostress series: a daily web comic strip presented at www.prostress.com. Since the website didn't attract the number of visitors I’d hoped for, I started using social media to promote the Prostress comic. And it worked. Not only that – after a while I spent more time on Facebook and Twitter then anywhere else on the web.

I even forgot my own website. I use Facebook and Twitter to communicate about my work. It's much easier and you reach more people because nobody visits websites anymore.


Facebook killed my website, but I have made a book.


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